My name is Nilo Nuñez  I was born in Camaguey (Cuba) in 1960. I studied and graduated in my special field classical guitar in a College in Havana. After that I worked as a teacher in the music school in my home town Camaguey.

After working for 9 years as a teacher I decided to form my own band called Rhodas, with whom we won several awards and recognitions including, the third place in the popular music festival in 1992.

then we won the first prize on the same festival in 1994,
Also we won several awards from different TV stations including the award "Premio Principe"

In 1996 I participated in the international festival Zaidin in the city of Granada (Spain)

International events:
-2009-The Cavern Club (liverpool England)
-2013-Fredriskstad -Norway.
-2014-Belfast-Northern Ireland.
-2015-2016- Germany (tour of literature and music with the writer Petter Splitt).

Currently my show is based on the great classics of the electric guitar with the rhythmic sense of Carlos Santana.